A Sleep Journey with Ancient Dream Herbs

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I have to put in the obligatory disclaimer: you should talk to a doctor before using any herbal supplements and always do your own research. This post is intended to be informative and reflects my own personal experience. I am not making any recommendations or medical assertions about these substances. I’ve never been someone who dreams a lot or who

Easy White Bean Kale Soup (and What I Learned about the Essential Nutrient in Beans You Probably Haven’t Heard Of)

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In Indiana, the weather is always unpredictable, but yesterday we had one of those cold snaps where it suddenly felt like early March again. The highs were in the 40s, the sky was grey and oppressive but it didn’t even have the decency to rain. It didn’t feel cozy, it just felt… ick. It had me craving some comfort food.

The Covid-19 Lockdown Reminded Me Why Mental Health and Fashion Really Aren’t So Unrelated

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission when you click or make purchases. Thank you for supporting my shoe habit! I have a long, complicated relationship with fashion. For most of my life, clothes were something I found little joy in. There’s a whole other post (or two or three) about that, but suffice

Your Best Lockdown Life Is the One You’re Already Living

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If you’ve ever seen the show Desperate Housewives, you probably remember Bree Van de Kamp. She’s the “perfect housewife”–a gourmet cook, master gardener, flawless entertainer, and keeper of an immaculate house. In one of the early episodes, she is in marriage counseling with her husband, Rex. He accuses her of using housework to mask and disconnect from her emotions. During


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