About Gwyne

Welcome! I’m Gwyne Laurel, an artist and soon-to-be-therapist blogging about wellness, creative development, mental health and just living a generally rad af life. It took me a long, winding journey to get to where I can describe my life as “rad af.” It didn’t come from money, men or success, as I always assumed it would (I really only have one out of three of those nailed down). It came from reaching a place of true fearlessness. I hope that this blog inspires you to the same place, whether that fearlessness comes in the form of an outfit you finally have the courage to wear or a major life decision you make for your own advancement. Wellness is really about a whole person, and no amount of green juice can compensate if fear, anxiety and self-doubt that rules your life and your choices. This journey belongs to both of us, so thank you for being here!

I currently live in Indianapolis with my fiancé Aaron and our two cats, Whitley and Rikki. I got my undergrad from Purdue where I majored in English/creative writing and minored in psychology. I’m currently finishing an MSW through the Indiana University School of Social Work concentrating in mental health and addictions. Writing and mental health are huge passions of mine, and why I started this blog.

I love books, storm chasing, travel, taking baths, mimosas and any excuse to be outside in nature. I spend as much of my free time as I can at my art studio painting or metalsmithing. Oh, I’m also a little obsessed with shoes if you haven’t noticed.

I have a jewelry business called Wax and Bone and also produce a webcomic called Midwest Dirt

What The Wild Well Is All About

The Wild Well is a wellness blog for people who are tired of wellness blogs. 

It is for people who want to live eclectically, economically and adventurously. The most foundational aspect of wellness, to me, is not celery juice or yoga; it is self-esteem and purpose that comes through the development of creativity. I believe when people discover that creativity is democratic, not a gift of a few, they realize they can truly self-actualize their life and everything in it. I also believe all self-improvement should be rooted in self-love, not self-demolition. The healthiest habits won’t lead to wellness if they stem from a desire to destroy or size-down or mask who you truly are. 

The Wild Well is just that—wild. It is inclusive, it is individual. It is messy. It does not erase trauma with “good vibes only.” It does not whittle away the body with clean food obsession. It does not define health as a smiling, white woman in $200 yoga pants. It does not use unscientific fearmongering to capitalize on trends or stoke somatic anxiety. It does not invent sickness to sell snake oil. It does not deny the importance of the whole person to focus only on behaviors. It does not downplay the relevance of individual sexuality or the human need for consensual touch. It does not celebrate health only through an objectifying lens of youth and cultural beauty standards. It does not believe in perfection, but encourages a journey. It does not single out one person as more aspirational than another, but empowers everyone to be their own end goal. It shows that you are already well and already enough of everything.

I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am that you are here. Let’s get to it!

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