Black and Pastels for Spring (and Why Everyone Needs an Ostrich Boa)

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I have pretty much always hated pastels. Like, I was never one of those girls who liked baby pink. Lavender is nice, but in general, pastel pallets make me want to gag.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve softened my stance on certain colors. I now LOVE hot pink, whereas for most of my life, all forms of pink were offensive to me. And I’m kind of coming around on pastels, too. Combining them with my beloved black seems to make them a little more tolerable to me. Ha!

I’ve had pretty much everything I’m wearing here for years, and I’ve had a concept for this outfit for about as long. Of course, I’d finally get around to wearing it when I can’t even leave my apartment complex!

This Rafe New York mosaic clutch is one of my prized possessions. It’s absolutely beautiful, and it makes me feel like I’m carrying a piece of art around with me. The bracelet I bought probably 15 years ago at a boutique in Chicago. I remember it was like $40, which at the time was a huge amount of money for me ($40 is still $40 though.) I’ve loved it ever since.

I can’t remember where I picked up the ostrich scarf, pretty sure I found it on Ebay. I feel like I was inspired by one of Carrie’s outfits in Sex and the City at the time I bought it. Carrie never shied away from some outlandish accessories like feather boas in every day life. I’m a believer we should all be a little extra whenever possible. Especially when we’re all bored and home-bound and have to play dress up in our backyards.

The shoes are Burberry’s “Taylor” vinyl t-strap heels. I got them as an excellent consignment find a couple years back (I buy almost all my designer shoes used/ consignment for 70-90% below retail.) I bought them despite them being a European size 40, which is a full size and a half bigger than I normally wear. Fortunately, Burberry shoes run INSANELY small, so they actually fit. The shoe gods were looking out for me!

I hope you’re all enjoying the spring as much as I am, despite having to stay close to home. Stay safe, everyone!

Blazer: Tahari | Skirt: 2b.RYCH | Shoes: Burberry | Clutch: Rafe New York | Sunglasses: Chloe | Ostrich scarf: Ebay?

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