Channeling My Inner Ginger McKenna

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A few weeks ago I watched the movie Casino. Ginger is my forever mood (style-wise, not the whole pill addiction and bad life choices part). Personally, I think Ginger could have been so much greater than the movie made her. I’ve always wanted to see a mafia movie where the underestimated girlfriend ends up taking all the mob guys down and walks away with the money. Instead they always end up devolving into self-destruction and tragedy. Oh well! At least they’re fabulous doing it.

These Raye boots have been waiting to be taken out for a couple years. I can’t wait to wear them once this is all over and you can, you know, go places again.

The bag is a Halstan Heritage clutch I’ve had for like 10 years. The coat is Andrienne Landau and actually for sale now on Neiman Marcus Last Call for 80% off!

There’s nothing that makes my tacky little heart sing like combining animal prints with neon. I actually have two of these Chan Luu neon yellow scarves. Because, like, what if I lose one? It would be a tragedy.

I also love these sunglasses. I got them at Target for like $16 and they have a total 70s vibe I love.

Total mafia girlfriend material, right?

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