The Perfect Spring Sweater Coat and Prada Pumps

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I live in the midwest, which means like 10 months out of the year, you’ll probably need a jacket at some point. Personally, I LOVE jacket weather. I hate being hot, so the in-between seasons are my favorite. Even winter doesn’t really bother me much. I’m a cold climate person all the way. I found this Reiss sweater coat on

Channeling My Inner Ginger McKenna

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A few weeks ago I watched the movie Casino. Ginger is my forever mood (style-wise, not the whole pill addiction and bad life choices part). Personally, I think Ginger could have been so much greater than the movie made her. I’ve always wanted to see a mafia movie where the underestimated girlfriend ends up taking all the mob guys down

Three Days in Italy (and Why I Didn’t Fall in Love with It)

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I didn’t exactly fall in love with Italy. I found it to be a frustrating. Their public transportation is hellish. Almost all the food was inedible, and no it’s not just me. Trash is piled everywhere and most cities stink of piss. Rome’s Fiumicino Airport might almost be worse than Charles De Gaulle. Half the places you go don’t take

How Narcissists are Using Covid-19 against Victims in Co-Parenting Arrangements (and One Way You Can Stop It)

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I may not have children, but the majority of my good friends do. A few of them have exes with whom they still share custody, and of these, a few of these exes also happen to be narcissistic abusers. Coming from a background of both mental health and living on planet earth, I’m very familiar with narcissistic abuse. Therefore, I

How Magic Mushrooms Heal the Brain (and What They Taught Me about Self-Love)

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Disclaimer: use of psilocybin is illegal in the United States and many countries. This post is for educational purposes only and not an endorsement of illegal drugs or illegal activity. When I told my fiance that I spent my entire eight hour shroom trip staring into a mirror, he was horrified. “You WHAT? You know that’s usually like the biggest

Why I Love Black Bedrooms, Even for Small Spaces

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In the last couple of years, the black bedroom has definitely had a moment. Let’s be real, I probably got the idea from Pinterest. I still liked the trend enough to have black bedrooms in the last two places I’ve lived. I’m a fan of moody interiors, although I kind of go back and forth between loving really clean, neutral,


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